Even when I’m in the mood to just potter about the kitchen, I don’t (and I can safely say this) ever cook food that’s demanding. And by demanding I mean both skill-wise and time-wise. If something has to cook for a long time, it has to be minimal prep. And then it needs to cook… Read more »


Soft scrambled eggs and crispy garlic bits are my favourite additions to fried rice. If you buy and stock garlic granules by the pound like this alliomaniac writing the recipe, use that by all means. (A word! For the garlic obsessed!) Don’t  worry if you don’t though – I’ve put instructions below for how you… Read more »


My Thai basil plant has gone rogue. It won’t stop sprouting new leaves every day and—as was to be expected—regular pruning has only made it more hardy and prolific. It sounds like I’m whingeing about it, and I kinda am, but that’s only because I can’t think up enough ways to cook with it; it’s… Read more »


I’ve had great luck with figs this year. Every single fruit that I’ve bought has been plump, pink, and yielding to the bite. Of course I’m one to open up pre-packaged boxes and switch up those mottled specimens for perfectly squishy ones, but still. We eat them as is for the most part, but considering… Read more »


Just learned that the phrase ‘easy as pie’ refers to how easy it is to eat pie, and not how easy it is to make one. Thank god for that minor clarification, the world makes sense again. Not that making a pie (quiche in this case) is hard, but it’s admittedly not as easy as… Read more »


What this is, is a savoury fruit salad with charred corn. The dressing is simple yet punchy. I drew inspiration from the flavours of Tajín–the chilli and lime salt from Mexico that’s most popularly served sprinkled over juicy wedges of watermelon. I haven’t tried the actual thing, but from the sounds of it it’s very… Read more »


Caramelized onions are made to sound way harder to make than they actually are. Sure, they take a bit of time to cook down and become jammy, but other than the occasional stirring, there’s really not much effort that goes into it. A few key things to remember and you’re good to go – start… Read more »


My cooking has been (unsurprisingly) hurried these past few months. Quick effortless meals are what I’m after: paneer kofte, flatbreads and mezze style dips for lunch with family, a quiche loaded with spinach, ricotta and feta, pressure-cooked curries and dhals, and of course, oven-roasted everything. Quick meals and sides without compromising on flavour. This is… Read more »


Writing out this recipe was not fun. There are four different components here and although the instructions under each read “add all the ingredients to a bowl and toss”, it required a bit of uncharacteristic patience on my part to type out. The irony, since the dish itself comes together so easily. Start with the… Read more »


Salads for dinner. I’m all for it. We’re not talking lettuce heavy, wimpy salads. We’re talking big, bulked up salads: seasonal fruit, meat, punchy dressing, the whole shebang. A salad that can double as a meal in itself. And that can only happen (for me) if there’s enough substance in here to qualify that. A… Read more »

  • Spaghetti with roasted red pepper & cream sauce

    Roasting peppers is something that we don’t do often enough. The tender smoky flesh inside all that charred blackness is the heart of this dish, literally and metaphorically speaking. This simple pasta dish has it all – it’s wholesome, not entirely different from what makes it comforting, and makes for a very fulfilling meal.

  • Mixed tomato salad with pesto

    This recipe (and a blog update) has been long overdue. But I think I may have found the perfect way to end this lengthy hiatus – a quick and easy tomato salad with a vibrant pesto dressing. Just wanted to subtly also point out that ALL THE TOMATOES WERE GROWN IN MY GARDEN! All organic… Read more »

  • Black bean, egg and mushroom fried rice

    Chinese black bean has been all the rage in our household for a while now. Known as Douchi in Chinese, they are essentially black soy beans that are heavily salted and fermented and used extensively to flavour everything from stir-fried vegetables and meats, eggs, to rice dishes. These little umami-laden nuggets are salty and sweet… Read more »

  • South-Indian chicken soup

    This is my great-grandmother’s recipe. I think it was passed down to her from her mother or grandmother, but this is how far back I’ve been able to trace it. When a recipe dates back almost 120 years, you know it’s special. The sense of nostalgia and comfort that this aromatic hot bowl of soup… Read more »

  • Chorizo, spinach & tomato frittata

    Anything that is meant to be set just right “with a slight wobble to it” intimidates me. Cheesecake, crème caramel, quiche, custard pies..I fear you. The first recipe that I came across for a frittata looked pretty simple to follow, ingredients accessible, but the oven timings “varying widely” bit really got to me. I chickened… Read more »

  • Moroccan spiced carrots with harissa, cumin & maple syrup

    Harissa is a North-African spice paste that blows my mind (and mouth) on many different levels. Roasted peppers, chillies, coriander, garlic and spices form its base, and this fiery blend is used extensively to flavour meats, soups, stews, and couscous, apart from being used as a condiment in dips etc. I read somewhere that it’s… Read more »

  • Balsamic-roasted Brussels sprouts

    I have kale growing in my little terrace garden. When you look up information on plants that can handle humidity and soaring temperatures in tropical climates, kale is definitely one that wouldn’t feature anywhere on that list. I wouldn’t go so far as to say my plants are in the best shape (they seem to… Read more »

  • Lotus stem with chilli and honey

    I have this really annoying habit. I like to peer into other people’s shopping baskets to see what they’ve bought, and try and figure out what they might end up doing with it. I mean, I think you really can tell a lot about a person by what’s in their grocery basket. Shopping cart psychology… Read more »

  • Sticky toffee pudding

    I agree that this may not be the prettiest looking pudding out there, but I assure you that what it lacks in aesthetic appeal is more than compensated for in taste. Now that we are on this topic, I have a question – how on earth do you make something that’s sticky and gooey look… Read more »

  • Chicken quesadillas

    While you see some simple, regular chicken quesadillas here, what I see is a Mexican – Portuguese twist on what was supposed to be just simple, regular quesadillas. I mean, I’ve been planning to make them for so long now, I even had it all planned out for dinner next week..and then this happens (I meant… Read more »

  • Cajun-roasted sweet potato fries

    This is completely different – fries, but ones with the most desirable culmination of sweet and savoury. I hope I haven’t lost you yet, ‘cause these..these are so good. I love sweet potatoes. As you might’ve guessed from my earlier posts, I go a little cuckoo in the head with food pairings. Like this for instance…. Read more »

  • Zucchini Kimchi

    A lot of Chinese restaurants in India serve Kimchi as a condiment. That tastes like Indian pickle. Tossed with chilli powder and salt (and sometimes spices. eek). Having said that though, I do always end up mindlessly munching my way down half a bowl of the stuff whilst contemplating what to eat. I mean, it’s… Read more »

  • Honeydew melon & cucumber gazpacho

    Who goes and puts honeydew melon in a soup, right? Sounds bizarre. If you feel the same way, I wouldn’t blame you. But..I like bizarre. And this gazpacho is kind of just that. I’ve tried very hard to visually capture the exact texture of this soup, but I’m not sure if I’ve done a good… Read more »

  • Yogurt syllabub

    I know it sounds like I just made this word up! Syllabub is an English dessert that’s made with milk that’s been curdled either with wine or any other form of acid before being flavoured and sweetened. I’ve used yogurt here which we know has already undergone that process, so it’s essentially just a flavoured… Read more »

  • Passion fruit cordial

    My parents lived in the outskirts of the city in our farmhouse for a few years, while I was studying in boarding school. Even though I never got to be home for long periods of time at a stretch, I clearly remember really looking forward to going back there for the holidays. Our house had… Read more »