While you see some simple, regular chicken quesadillas here, what I see is a Mexican – Portuguese twist on what was supposed to be just simple, regular quesadillas. I mean, I’ve been planning to make them for so long now, I even had it all planned out for dinner next week..and then this happens (I meant that in the best way possible).

Let me explain : we were at Nando’s over the weekend for lunch, and the glutton in me couldn’t order (what seemed like) a measly portion of a quarter chicken. I mean, I’ve always been able to make my way through a half portion quite easily, but I hadn’t calculated the impromptu attack on some amazing mixed olives in garlic and chilli right before that. What do you do with the remaining quarter of a chicken? Well, here’s what.

The chicken was coated rather generously in their signature Peri-Peri sauce, and that made for a delicious component in this quesadilla. So I stuck to the basics with some spring onions, tomato, pickles, gherkins, and cheese. I should point out here that if I were using just plain grilled chicken, I would maybe use a dash of Tabasco or throw in a finely sliced green chilli for an extra kick. Serving them with a fiery chilli sauce like Sriracha would work here too!

This spontaneous recipe has in fact opened up a big can of worms..dessert quesadillas with bananas and nutella, spinach and tomato with pesto, caramelized onion and steak..OK, I need to sit down now.

INGREDIENTS: (Makes 2 quesadillas)

Inspired by Nigella Lawson

2 flour tortillas

200 grams shredded chicken

1 stalk of spring onion, chopped (green and white parts)

1 large tomato, de-seeded and chopped

50 grams grated cheese (any melting cheese will do)

6 pickled gherkins, sliced into rounds

Pickled green jalapeño peppers, to taste


Place the chicken, chopped spring onions, tomatoes, pickles, and gherkins on one half of the tortilla. Grate over half the cheese over each (on the same side that the other ingredients are on) and fold over gently in half. Note : it helps to leave an inch of free space around the edges of the tortilla, as the filling gets pushed over when you fold.

Lay out the half-moon shaped quesadillas on a griddle pan over high heat. Pat down gently with a spatula, and cook until slightly crispy. Flip and repeat. Serve immediately with a dipping sauce of your choice.


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