Admittedly a boring photograph. In the (hypercritical) eyes of someone trying to make food look as good as it tastes, it falls short. Way short. A herb for contrast would’ve been great for this but nothing worked with the flavours here – mint, basil, coriander, parsley, nothing. My biggest … Read More »


Hate to break it to you, but baked beans are not baked and black-eyed peas are not peas. Baked beans are made on the stove-top with no baking or oven involved. The name came about because Heinz—one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of tinned baked beans—used to follow a … Read More »


If oyster mushrooms are hard to come by where you live, button mushrooms are not a great substitute but they will still work. We find oyster mushrooms year round in Coimbatore but unfortunately not in Chennai, so I have, albeit begrudgingly, accepted the button mushroom as a half-decent substitute. As … Read More »


These peanut balls teetered precariously on the edge of turning into peanut butter but the desiccated coconut salvaged them. Not that peanut butter could ever be a bad thing, but I had my mind set on these. Peanuts, when blended, will eventually become peanut butter. These balls follow the same … Read More »


This is a satisfying process: collecting enough coconut pulp—the bi-product or ‘waste’ from squeezing out coconut milk—drying it out (in the sun, no less) and blending it up to make your own flour! I don’t know about you but this is as up my alley as it gets. (Also another … Read More »


Contrary to popular belief, ghee is not clarified butter. Let me clarify. Bad puns aside, here’s what I’ve learned about this: butter, unlike oils, is not 100% fat. It is—in an approximate sense since you would have to factor in the quality of your butter—about 80 – 90% fat and … Read More »


Finger millet (ragi) porridge has an infamous reputation for being dull, bland, and—especially if you went to my boarding school—a stodgy mass that you’d be forced to eat at breakfast every morning. Although I could always tolerate it, it definitely was not something that I particularly enjoyed eating. Fast forward … Read More »


Sweet and spicy Asian beef burgers? Spicy, sticky Asian beef burgers? Asian beef burgers with a sticky sauce? I basically considered all the possible permutations before settling on ‘Asian beef burgers’. This minimalism thing works for me in completely disjointed ways. I have a confession. I don’t post recipes on … Read More »


We eat eggs for breakfast every single day of the week, which as much as I like, is a bit of a shame because breakfast foods are the most fun to cook in my opinion (albeit not on a busy weekday morning). To get around this, a slightly more elaborate … Read More »


I know. The world doesn’t need another recipe for granola bars. But I’m here to throw out some ideas and variations to the ones that you normally make, maybe change things up a bit? Specifically this part: dates. Dates are a common enough addition to granola bars for sweetness, but … Read More »


    Arnold Palmer is revered as a legend in the golfing world and has gone down as one of the greatest players in the game’s history. I had heard of the guy. Did I know that there was a drink called Arnold Palmer that is the genius combination of iced tea … Read More »


    The otherwise evasive stone-fruit is still making a regular appearance here on the blog as you can see. I’ve been meaning to make a peach cobbler for the longest time now, and I still haven’t gotten down to it. Here’s one that’s just as delicious though, using its non-fuzzy counterpart, … Read More »


    If you’re looking for a super quick, super easy drink/snack, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been on a mango binge ever since the season started, but most often than not, I end up eating them as is – peeling the skin back and diving straight in. Back home … Read More »


    Right around this time a year ago, I got back from my amazing trip to Turkey. Thanks to the booking website that we used, I still get very prompt reminders of my itinerary in my inbox : 361 days ago, you boarded a flight from Antalya; 363 days ago, … Read More »


    “The chill of a moderate frost or light snow improves the flavour of kale” states a popular website that I follow for advice on growing and caring for plants. However, as someone living in Chennai, I don’t think I could ever say that Kale is ‘in season’. It’s the peak … Read More »


    I may have inadvertently picked the perfect time to tell you about this recipe. It’s the beginning of the week and having this sauce on hand means that you can cruise through those weekday suppers like it ain’t no thing. We go through two jars of this stuff every week … Read More »

  • Banana bread

    I know it’s starting to look like a blog revolving around bananas around here. Stuffed banana peppers two weeks ago, and now it’s banana bread. I seem to be going bananas with this stuff! I know, not very ap-peeling and maybe we should split from this unplanned theme, but it’s … Read More »

  • Stuffed banana peppers with tomato sauce

    When I started blogging, I seriously had no idea what would come out of it. I just knew that I really liked to cook, especially for my husband who, as it turns out, solely blames me for his having gained 7 kilos within 6 months of our marriage! And if … Read More »

  • Spaghetti with roasted red pepper & cream sauce

    Roasting peppers is something that we don’t do often enough. The tender smoky flesh inside all that charred blackness is the heart of this dish, literally and metaphorically speaking. This simple pasta dish has it all – it’s wholesome, not entirely different from what makes it comforting, and makes for … Read More »

  • Mixed tomato salad with pesto

    This recipe (and a blog update) has been long overdue. But I think I may have found the perfect way to end this lengthy hiatus – a quick and easy tomato salad with a vibrant pesto dressing. Just wanted to subtly also point out that ALL THE TOMATOES WERE GROWN … Read More »

  • Black bean, egg and mushroom fried rice

    Chinese black bean has been all the rage in our household for a while now. Known as Douchi in Chinese, they are essentially black soy beans that are heavily salted and fermented and used extensively to flavour everything from stir-fried vegetables and meats, eggs, to rice dishes. These little umami-laden … Read More »

  • South-Indian chicken soup

    This is my great-grandmother’s recipe. I think it was passed down to her from her mother or grandmother, but this is how far back I’ve been able to trace it. When a recipe dates back almost 120 years, you know it’s special. The sense of nostalgia and comfort that this … Read More »

  • Chorizo, spinach & tomato frittata

    Anything that is meant to be set just right “with a slight wobble to it” intimidates me. Cheesecake, crème caramel, quiche, custard pies..I fear you. The first recipe that I came across for a frittata looked pretty simple to follow, ingredients accessible, but the oven timings “varying widely” bit really … Read More »

  • Moroccan spiced carrots with harissa, cumin & maple syrup

    Harissa is a North-African spice paste that blows my mind (and mouth) on many different levels. Roasted peppers, chillies, coriander, garlic and spices form its base, and this fiery blend is used extensively to flavour meats, soups, stews, and couscous, apart from being used as a condiment in dips etc. … Read More »

  • Balsamic-roasted Brussels sprouts

    I have kale growing in my little terrace garden. When you look up information on plants that can handle humidity and soaring temperatures in tropical climates, kale is definitely one that wouldn’t feature anywhere on that list. I wouldn’t go so far as to say my plants are in the … Read More »